Basement Cat? What Basement Cat?

Do I look particularly EVIL to you?

There are people out there who think that, just because I’m mostly black, that I’m a “Basement Cat.”  Basement Cat is something like the kitteh equivalent of Satan, and the foe of “Ceiling Cat” (God), who is all white.  What I wanna know is, what’s up with that?

I mean, black kittehs like me already gotta deal with all that superstition about us that’s been around, like, forever.  (And none of it is true, BTW.)  That’s one of the reasons why black kittehs have a harder time getting adopted from shelters.  You silly hoomans are not helping.  Quit it, K?

In fact, there are good reasons to give a black kitteh a forever home.  Some nice hoomans in someplace called Florida assembled ten reasons in fact.  (Why ten? Why not more? Daddy says it’s ’cause of some silly hooman called “Letterman.”)  And I can sure tell you I work hard proving some of those reasons right!  Fortunately, Mommy and Daddy don’t care what color I am; they love me just the same.

And I’m totally not all black; I got some white right there on my belleh! (You can’t see most of it right now ’cause of all the fur they shaved off when they took out my kitten factory. But some is still there.)  Daddy says I’ve been touched by Ceiling Cat.  One of Daddy’s funny friends said it was when Ceiling Cat tossed my Basement Cat butt out of heaven.  Ha ha.  Silly hooman.

It’s time for more noms now! =^.^=

– Penny

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Oh Hai!

Oh hai! My name is Penelope or Penny for short, but I’ll respond to either if I like you =^.^=.  I’m a lil black kitty that got lucky in finding a loving home.  I’m not all black thought, I do have some white on me around my throat chest and belly, but no matter what it is hard for lil kitties like myself to be adopted because of so many different things, but we are all the same and alls we want is a chance to be loved and to have a forever home that is full of love and fun =^.^=.

We’ll start with the first adventure I can remember.  I was a mama kitty in foster care while I pregnant with my very first litter.

I can’t remember much about my life before foster care, but I’m guessing it was pretty rough when I was just a lil bitty kitten myself, since I’ve got a scar to prove something had happened to me.

Anyways, I was with this wonderful foster family, foster families for animals is similar to those of children, but instead of the two legged variety, they took care of the furry four legged variety.

I had my babies and was with the family up until a few weeks ago and then I weaned my babies and they got adopted, and I was returned to the loving and caring organization known as the Dumb Friends League. These people truly care about what happens to the animals that are in their care, and they all hope and pray that all their furry, four legged charges get a happy home to go to.

Now on with me, =^.^=.  I was just lounging in my case, missing my babies and slightly depressed.  I didn’t know that I’d be adopted that day, but this nice couple came to the Dumb Friends League and was looking over all the animals.  They were checking over a number of the other kitties, while I was just resting in my cage.  They’d made a list and one of the kitties had also just weaned  her babies and was lonely since her babies had also been adopted, but they still picked a number of kitties to look over.  I was one of them.

The couple found out more information on the other kitties they had on their list and Maggie they one they were looking into maybe adopting had already gotten adopted.  Well they were almost heartbroken until they learned that moi had also just weaned her babies a week or so earlier and they instantly said lets see Penelope.

I was brought in to visit with this nice couple, and they instantly fell in love with me, it seems I’ve got a combination of both their former kitties mixed in me, grant you I can never replace their two kitties Star and Deamon, but I can follow their footsteps.

I was nervous at first cause of these two new faces, but I knew there was something special about both of these nice people who are a wonderful and loving couple.  I quickly warmed up to them, and they told the lady there was no doubt in their minds that I was the one for them, and so I was adopted that day.  I even got pics taken of me while they was waiting for the paperwork.  I felt my spirits rise with theirs and after one more night in the big house and having a surgery done, my new owners came and picked me up the following day.

It took me about a day or so to get use to my new home, but I’m now very use to it and my wonderful hoomans as well.  We are all very happy together. =^.^=

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